The instrumentation of a modern rock band is cookie cutter.  Guitars, drums, singer … every garage band, to hall of fame national act, every casual, to die-hard fan know the formula.  However, one St. Louis indie rock trio has found an exception to the rule. 

Precho, (like echo, but Precho), is composed of Mark Poshak on piano, Todd Sarvies on guitar, and Andy Murphy on … buckets? 

“Mark and I were coming out of a group where we played percussion on ‘found instruments’, aka junk," says Murph, “I cobbled together elements from that show to create the bucket set. I am not a drummer, so something stripped down created the backbeat we were looking for.” 

When the group began writing songs in 2003, they discovered a sound that set them apart, and a song-writing style that did not stick to a format. 

“Todd and Mark collaborate with concepts for songs, often piecing them together as if they had the same ideas in mind from the beginning,” Murph says, "I would keep notebooks and hum melodies while piecing together scraps of lyrics as the music came together. Then we would create harmonies and alternate parts, we don’t have a true lead singer.” 

In addition to their unique sound, Precho crosses genres and venues ranging from a laid-back evening in the coffee shop, to a rocking set at Mississippi Nights. 

“No matter where we perform, we bring a genuine energy to our live show,” says Todd, “We enjoy playing original music. When people stop what they are doing and watch, it's evidence the audience can see that.” 

The group’s debut album, 'Less Myself' was released in the winter of 2004.  The 12-track album showcases the acoustic rock sound that defines Precho combining upbeat rhythms, passionate melodies, and heartfelt lyrics of faith, love, and life. 

“We decided to record an album not just for the sake of having one, but because the songs we were writing were beginning to tell a story,” Mark says, “We wanted to make an album that best represented who we were and how we sounded live. No frill, and sounds that let the melodies and lyrics shine. Once we figured out how to record buckets, the rest was simply getting out of the way of the songs and letting them do the talking.” 

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