Maybe, you say, maybe Todd Sarvies isn't any different from other singer-songwriters.  Maybe the drive of a music career-earning a living doing what he loves-is, you think, just like everyone else's.  Maybe his talent-obvious at first listen-is just that: talent, not yet fulfilled. 

But then-there's someone onstage and he's commanding your attention.  As he sings and (sometimes) comes close to screaming, his voice, his face, his body language-all expertly convey hurt, pain, anguish, longing, hesitation, regret.  It's more energy than an entire band puts into one live show.  All conversation has stopped; all eyes are on him. 

"I put everything I am into the songs I write," says Todd, "and everything I do on stage echoes that." 

The goal is simple: To feel the music, not just manufacture noise without ample time or broken strings.  To make one word mean more than the next.  To tell a story, not just sing a song. 

Having such a strong emotional tie to the music and lyrics makes Todd's performances powerful and cathartic.  His ability to captivate an audience using the raw power of his voice is mesmerizing.  It is clear he is most at home on stage, shrouded only by his music.

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